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Seaside & Beyond (7'2" X 21 1/2" X 3" - 52.2 - Futures - TT #8223092)

Seaside & Beyond (7'2" X 21 1/2" X 3" - 52.2 - Futures - TT #8223092)

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I’ve really been wanting to play around with some longer fishy kind of boards for a while now... Ever since I spent some time with Skip Frye and he showed me some of his fishes in the 7 foot range it’s been on my mind.  I first stretched out the GO FISH and made a 7 footer.  It worked great and really got my mind spinning.  Then I made a 7’0 seaside and it became one of my favorite boards in my quiver.  I rode it in everything.  Super small days, bigger days and everything in between.  It’s become a board that I will take with me everywhere I go.


It glides.  It turns on a dime and most importantly... it puts a smile on my face.

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