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SMTH Shapes - Maytrix 5'9"

SMTH Shapes - Maytrix 5'9"

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5'9 x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 - 26.5L - Futures

The Maytrix is one of our most proven and popular Pro-formance models.

The Matrix was developed when Jordy messed around in the shaping bay while at home. We cut a few boards and tweaked measurements and design details almost every surf. Jordy wanted a fast and responsive board for performance surfing to use through his European leg.

Over this period he then consistently provided feedback to adjust and fine-tune the model whilst he was surfing on tour. He needed a fast and responsive board that he could scale down to fit in the smaller conditions and compliment his quiver.  

Matt Mcgillivray from J-Bay qualified for the WCT surfing this model. We worked on his Maytrix and he gave us vital feedback from surfing perfect walls of Super Tubes to create a better balance in volume for the average weight surfer as well as keep up with pro surfing performance demands.

Both Jordy and Matt’s input was equally valid in the development of the Maytix so we constantly updated the design and make subtle adjustments to keeping it very versatile and functional for the everyday surfer.

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