Smth Shapes

SMTH Shapes - Pixta 5'10"

SMTH Shapes - Pixta 5'10"

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5'10 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 - 27.5L - Futures


The PIXTA model is a faster version of our old 44 with Jordy’s added modern galactic influences. Designed with cleaner outlines and refined characteristics for positive performance designed for the everyday average to quality waves. A lower modern entry rocker for down the line speed and a deep pronounced single concave that runs through to the 1/3 back of the board deepest in the fin area which allows the water to flow and redirect quickly as it passes out the tail. This action provides a greater release when coming off the bottom or off the top of the wave and gives us a better release when kicking the tail out in the pocket.

The rails are Jordy’s tested down rail, rolled off the shoulder and tucked under to a softer forgiving rail up-front. This helps to keep the nose gliding over chop and floating over bumpy sections. The outline in the nose area is slightly wider than normal so you can ride the board slightly shorter than your regular performance shortboard, this gives you a feeling of more control off your front foot.

The PIXTA features are paired with a rounded squash tail that transitions smoothly from rail to rail and holds its drive through big carving turns with speed and control. This model can be ridden in a variety of conditions from small fun days right through to punchy critical hollow surf from Jordys experience in Durban’s beaches, ranging anything from 2′ to 6′ at New Pier.  

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